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22WIN.ORG.PH is a leading authority on reviewing top online casino and gambling sites in the Philippines. We help players save money and protect their information while gaming. Established in 2022 in Manila, our experienced team provides detailed, trustworthy reviews and guides.

As online gambling grows in popularity, we strive to find, test, and review the safest, highest-quality platforms for the best player experience. Regardless of the type of gambling you’re interested in, you’ll find the best sites here.

Our top picks and choices are presented here for the updated ranking of the best legitimate online casinos in the Philippines in 2024.

Our experts in casino gaming, sports betting, slots, lottery, fishing, and more have tested, compared, and rated gambling sites by country and game genre. 22WIN offers professional reviews and personalized recommendations for playing responsibly and claiming exclusive rewards. Here are our top-rated online gambling sites for 2024:

Top 5 Online Casino/Gambling Sites in 2024





Slots / Live Dealer / Sports / Fishing / Lottery


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Slots / Live Dealer / Sports / Fishing / Lottery


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Slots / Live Dealer / Sports / Fishing / Lottery


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Slots / Live Dealer / Sports / Fishing / Lottery


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Slots / Live Dealer / Sports / Fishing / Lottery


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Is Online Gambling Legal?

Online gambling laws vary significantly around the world. Some countries permit all forms of internet gambling, while others allow only specific types. In certain places, online gambling is heavily restricted. Additionally, laws can differ by state within some countries. Therefore, it’s crucial to check your local regulations and use websites inspected by reputable organizations.

Our comprehensive guides detail the legal status of online gambling in various countries, helping players understand their local laws. Find specific information for your region below

Online Gambling in the Philippines

The Philippines is the only Asian country with an online gambling licensing authority, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). We recommend sites operated by international companies licensed by PAGCOR.

The legal age for online gambling in the Philippines is 21, and underage gambling is strictly prohibited. PAGCOR ensures a safe and regulated gambling environment.

Legal-age players in the Philippines have many options, including online blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and slots. While sports betting is not yet legal, traditional cockfighting and horse racing are fully permitted.

Types of Online Gambling

The online gambling industry is booming, allowing players to enjoy games from home. Numerous casino sites offer a variety of real money games.

Online gambling isn’t limited to casino games. Players can also engage in online poker, lotteries, and sports betting. Whether your favorite sport is football, horse racing, or something else, you can bet on it at top gambling sites.

Our team collects data and expertise from all types of gambling enthusiasts to create comprehensive guides. Learn more about the leading online gambling games we cover on our website in the sections below:


Slot Games - All guide help you win

Online slot games are top favorites in online casinos, offering fun, thrill, and impressive rewards. Their dynamic visuals, captivating storylines, and straightforward gameplay attract players of all ages and skill levels.

Novice players often ask how online slots work. At 22WIN, we provide detailed explanations on the mechanism of online slots and showcase other popular slot games enjoyed by our player

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Card & Table casino game

Card Games

Card and table games are played with one or more decks of cards, often enhanced with additional elements for excitement. Various providers create these games with unique names and visuals but share the same goal: inviting players to bet.

To play, you need an initial deposit to use as your betting stake. There are many card and table casino games available. At 22WIN, we showcase some of the best and most popular ones.

Blackjack  / Poker / Baccarat / Dragon Tiger / Sic Bo

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Live Casino

Live Casino with sexy girls

Live gaming hubs have become favorites in online gaming, mimicking the ambiance of brick-and-mortar casinos for a genuine and captivating experience. They operate online, showcasing dealers via live video feeds.

Players can observe real dealers mix cards, rotate the roulette, and distribute hands in real-time. This setup also allows interaction with the dealer and fellow players, enhancing the game’s communal nature.

22WIN brings players the latest and most exciting live games available today.

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Sports Betting

Sport Betting

At 22WIN, you can find betting options for all your favorite sports, including the most popular ones. Filipino sports enthusiasts will discover a comprehensive Sports book, featuring football and tennis, hors racing from various matches.

Our Sports book offers unmatched betting options, including sides, totals, money lines, props, and futures odds. For those who love statistics, we provide a wide range of individual player performance props across all sports. With a diverse and extensive live betting calendar, live betting has become increasingly popular at 22WIN.

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Fish Shooting

Fish Games Guide

Fish Shooting, or Fish Hunting, is an online casino game where players use virtual weapons to shoot fish on the screen. The goal is to catch as many fish as possible to earn credits or bonuses.

Players choose from various weapons, each with unique strengths. More powerful weapons can catch larger fish, yielding bigger bonuses. Players aim at the fish swimming on the screen to shoot accurately.

Tip: Larger fish offer higher bonuses but are harder to catch and appear less frequently. 22WIN provides a detailed guide on how to play and maximize your success in the Fish Shooting game.

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Lottery Games

Lottery Tips

If you enjoy gaming in a way that doesn’t require much time and effort, you can always enter some lottery draws, or buy one of the countless variants of scratch cards. However, lotto play is not that common across most operators. It can be seen in some of the best online gambling in the Philippines. Pick your numbers, place your wager, and hope for the best. Are you eager to learn more? Check out more details about the operator in the following table!

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Cockfighting Review

Cockfight was a classic game. Due to the advancement of technology, this game can be played online, betting on cockfights anytime, anywhere that many players like. Online cockfight betting is now available for Singapore and Malaysia online casinos.

Before you start online cockfight betting, you must understand all the rules and regulations of online cockfighting to increase your probability of winning. Some of the rules and regulations mentioned below are the keys that you need to know:

  • You’ll need to understand how the roosters prepare for the fight battle.
  • You’ll have to know all the terms and regulations of each online casino site.
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Online Gambling Guide for Filipino Players

While we’ve thoroughly covered the most popular gaming titles in the Philippines, there are other crucial aspects to consider. Our guide provides essential information on safety, payout percentages, and the significance of software providers. It’s vital for players to stay informed about these key factors. If you’re a Filipino looking for specific gambling information, use our quick navigation above to find what you need!

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