Review Online Casino VIP Promotion ~ The Best Rewards for Your Loyalty

Review Online Casino VIP Promotion ~ The Best Rewards for Your Loyalty

The best casino VIP Programs would usually reward members for continued loyalty to a specific brand. In the old brick-and-mortar establishments, a VIP player would have been regarded as a player who wagers a considerable amount of money. He would have been hosted in a special saloon and treated with fine dining and beverages.

However, given the fierce competition in the online gambling market, the best casino VIP promotions have transitioned into loyalty schemes targeting players with high spending habits and newcomers alike. The VIP title now comes with benefits that make themselves noticed from the moment you join a new casino.

We have checked the casino scenery once again, scouting for what we consider the top VIP promotions and taking a closer look at what it means for you – the players.


Your benefits as a high roller are uncontested, and casinos everywhere would be happy to have your business. However, online operators found a way to make this VIP program work even for new players who made a minimum ₱100 deposit.

By launching a multi-tiered loyalty program, every new player can climb the levels and become VIPs. Placing wagers with real cash will reward you with points to fuel your advancement to the next tier or level.

Points can be converted back into cash or any other benefit: a gift, free spins, etc. The difference between some VIP programs is made by the rate at which these loyalty points are accumulated. Some casinos may offer a 1:1 ratio (meaning you get a loyalty point for every ₱100 spent) or a 10:1 ratio (1 loyalty point for every ₱1000 paid).

Some online casinos might even offer loyalty points and automatic enlistment in the VIP programs as soon as you join the platform and make your first deposit. As a rule of thumb, the more you spend, the faster you climb the ladder, and your benefits will grow exponentially.


Absolutely yes! Let’s assume that you found a platform that’s perfect for you. You might as well profit time and time again from the time you spend online, right? So, in addition to increasing perks aimed at rewarding your loyalty, you will gradually gain access to preferential welcome bonuses and even free spins.

Based on your VIP level or the number of loyalty points you have collected, you will be granted a number of free spins once a week, usually to be used on a pre-determined slot. The reward schemes also affect what we described earlier as special welcome bonuses – special promotions that the regular casino customer would never have access to.

Some of the best casino VIP programs will enroll new players in the basic level of the loyalty programs. Usually known as the first tier, level one, or simply “silver,” these programs will give you access to 24/7 support with priority service, a special VIP events calendar, additional bonuses, and offers. On the other hand, the last tier, the maximum level or “platinum,” will reward you with birthday bonuses and gifts, a dedicated account manager to look after your every need, tailor-fitted events, and access to unique games, and even withdrawals processed on the same day!

Yes, it is worth it for you to join a VIP program. The benefits are visible and transparent for players who join such loyalty reward systems.


Walo88 Online Casino VIP Program Reward up to ₱59,888

Promotion Details: All deposits are accumulated according to the amount, and VIP-level rewards can be obtained if the accumulation reaches the corresponding level standard. The highest cumulative VIP level bonus can get up to ₱59,888, and the game upgrade mode is on. The rich bonus will take you to experience an exclusive VIP list!

Birthday bonus:

Members of Walo88 can apply for the birthday bonus if they are active three months before their birth month and have accumulated deposits of no less than 1,000P. The bonus can only be withdrawn after it reaches three times the bet amount.


All members of 8K8 will be upgraded to a new VIP level when they accumulate deposits to the required amount starting from June 15, 2024. The VIP level has different bonuses; the higher the level, the higher the bonus!

For example

* From 15/06/2024 to 15/08/2024, Member makes a deposit of ₱10,000, then you get a VIP promotion bonus of ₱68;

* until 15/06/2024, Member makes a deposit of ₱15,000, then he can receive a promotion bonus of ₱100.

* At this point, you receive an activity bonus of ₱68+₱100=₱168 and more


55BMW online Casino adds cash back to the loyalty tiers that you advance through. You begin on the 1st level – called Athena – with 0% cash back and a monthly withdrawal limit of P10,000. The last level – Aphrodite – will grant you 15% cash back on your losses, a P20,000 withdrawal limit, a personal account manager, and reduced exchange rates when converting your loyalty points to cash.

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